Captivate Decision Makers To Become Their Inevitable Choice

Reframe your Messaging with unique buyer insights

Great Messaging has clarity of purpose, embraces your brand’s uniqueness, connects on a human level, and is distinctly your point of view.

It builds a narrative that captures attention and can’t be ignored, raising you above your competition to be the consistent choice for informed decision makers.

Great Messaging Avoids These 4 Mistakes

Messaging is more than a tag line


Meaningless Taglines

Have you strung together a slogan that says nothing?

If what you do isn’t clear to ideal buyers they will pass you by and look at your competitors.

Messaging is more than a tag line


Easily Swappable

Is your Messaging distinct and uniquely identifiable?

If swapping your logo on your website went unnoticed, you’re stuck in the Conformity of SaaS.

Messaging is more than a tag line


Disconnected Reality

Does your Messaging reflect your Ideal Buyer’s world?

If you’re not using their words and connecting to their experiences they won’t believe you.

Messaging is more than a tag line


Internal Beliefs

Is your Messaging built from instutitional “truths”

If you don’t conduct first party buyer research you’re guessing.

The Secret Recipe For Great Messaging


First Party Research

Blind Audience Test and Market Survey of Ideal Buyers

Existing and Churned Customer Interviews

A Unique Point Of View

Your unique insight into the market problem you’re solving, why you built your solution, and what makes it so valuable to ideal buyers.


  • Clear

  • Distinct

  • Relatable

  • Clear

  • Distinct

  • Relatable


Attract Qualified Buyers

Whether it’s organic content, paid campaigns, or sales calls, great messaging educates and delights Ideal Buyers so they turn up with intent ready to buy.

Shorten Sales Cycles

When educated Ideal Buyers reach out with intent, they become actual qualified opportunities and make buying decisions more quickly.

Increase Win Rate & ACV

When your messaging aligns with the words they use and beliefs they hold, you win more deals – very often with an increased contract value.

How We Help You Reframe Your Messaging

Audience Panel

Audience Test

We assemble an anonyous panel of Ideal Buyers by role, seniority, and industry and ask them to provide qualitative feedback on your existing website messaging.

Their detailed feedback will score how compelling your product messaging is and how likely they are to purchase along with specifics about interest, value, and outstanding questions and objections.

Market Survey

Anonymously survey Ideal Buyers by role, seniority, and industry about their priorities, top challenges and problems, and the negative impact they cause.

Dig into what resolving them would allow them to achieve and what they look for in a solution.

We’ll also uncover who they trust and where they hang out and learn about solutions like yours.

Audience Research
Customer Interviews

Interview Real Customers

Speaking to existing customers provides direct insight into exactly what problem you solve, how well you solve it, how they researched the problem, and what made them choose you.

Churned customers provide additional insight into what changed to make you no longer the right fit for their business.

Leadership Workshops

Working with a small leadership team headed by your CEO or Founder and up to 3 others.

After getting everyone up to speed on the research, we facilitate an identity and Narrative Design process to help you uncover your unique point of view and market insight.

Heads of Sales and Marketing and Chief Product Officer are usually the best people to include, but sometimes it makes sense to swap one out for another like Customer Success.

Executive Workshop
Message Map

Delivering The Strategic Message Canvas

Pulling everything together into a usable and actionable Strategic Message Canvas that your Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams can use to accelerate growth through targeted campaigns, sales calls, and product development.

This isn’t some PDF that collects dust in a bottom drawer.

It brings together the strategic background and tactical detail so you can implement improvements immediately.

Reframe Messaging Pricing Options

Basic Message Improvement For Rapid Feedback



  • Blind Audience Test

  • Blind Market Survey

  • Customer Interviews

  • Churned Interviews

  • Messaging Workshop

  • Identity Worshop

  • Strategic Message Canvas

Reframe Messaging for Growth Stage Companies



  • Blind Audience Test

  • Blind Market Survey

  • Customer Interviews x 10

  • Churned Interviews x 5

  • Messaging Workshop

  • Identity Workshop

  • Strategic Message Canvas

Scale-up and Enterprise Message Reframing



  • Blind Audience Test

  • Blind Market Survey

  • Customer Interviews x 20

  • Churned Interviews x 10

  • Messaging Workshop

  • Identity Workshop

  • Strategic Message Canvas

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Who is Deepstar Strategic

We help B2B tech and SaaS leaders adopt Buyer Led Growth to overcome growth challenges while minimising wasted spend.

From helping early stage startups through to scaling enterprises, we’ve worked on the inside as employees and as external consultants.

We combine years of tech industry experience with first party buyer insights to ensure your Go To Market strategy and execution are aligned with your buyers and business goals.

We leverage in-house experience

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