It’s not done until it’s measured

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Go To Market

It's not done until it's measured

Everyone is under ever-increasing pressure to build faster, to ship faster. But that often comes at the expense of measuring if what you’re building is working.

Today’s buyer is demanding.
They want stuff that not only works but delivers value.

But how do you know your new release is delivering value if you don’t measure adoption?

If you’re not tracking product telemetry and talking to your users you’re running blind.

Growth is a team sport.

Product and Go To Market need to work together

  • What the market needs
  • Writing the compelling story
  • Measuring adoption
  • Continual improvement

Product Coach Ant Murphy and I discussed this over the weekend from the product perspective – but it’s worth noting the importance of the holistic GTM motion.

As he eloquently puts it, “if the outcome is what’s important, then we shouldn’t be considering any item of work ‘done’ until it’s created the desired outcome’

Obvious when it’s put like that, but not so obvious when you’re IN the jar.

We need to reframe our product development and go to market to be more integrated and outcome focused.