Moving from Outputs to Outcomes

Go To Market

Published 3rd October | 1 min read

The pressure to “move fast” and the inward focus of most teams leads to massive misalignment of goals and thus activity. This impacts revenue, productivity, and speed.

When we shift from a mindset of DONE when SHIPPED to one of DONE when VALUE ACHIEVED we radically change the game.

Instead of simply pushing artefacts, features, releases, and campaigns out the door and calling them done, measure the done-ness and success on what the activity was designed to achieve.

–> Why did you add that feature?
–> Are people using the feature you just shipped?
–> Was that campaign to increase meetings or trial signups?
–> Is this release designed to capture new customers or meet the market?

Next, determine the metrics upon which you’ll measure this success.

Feature adoption is not just “Used Once”. Think instead in terms of Usage Frequency – how often do users come back to it

Teresa Torres, a product discovery coach, recently shared her view on this which I’ve adapted to include Go To Market and Demand Generation.

Today’s buyer is demanding.
They want stuff that not only works, but delivers value – fast!

You’re up against more competitors than ever before and buyers are actively looking for ways to cut tools and costs.

You NEED to not only DELIVER value, but be SEEN to be delivering value.

Moving from a mindset of build, ship, done, repeat to one of build, ship, measure, adjust, succeed, done, repeat puts you at an advantage and your buyers will love you for it.

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