Your product frame can be your biggest differentiator

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Go To Market

Let’s be real for a second.

How long can a product compete with features?

Tech has never been more democratised than it is today. So competing products are closing feature gaps faster and faster.

It’s an incredible drain on resources to try out-feature the competition.
Bloating your target market segments results in exorbitant cost of sale and buyer confusion.

Plus, these band-aid tactics take you further away from your buyers and their needs.

The way you frame your product is a far more enduring and sustainable approach to growth.

The foundation of your frame is rooted in your ideal buyers:
– who exactly they are,
– what their unmet needs are,
– and how your product best meets those needs.

The flavour you add is with your distinct point of view – something that will always differ from company to company as we all come from different experiences.

Your flavour can be anything from how you sell to the customer experience you build, or from reframing the problem space to your spicy vision for a different status quo.

Building a frame for your product will create distinction from the alternatives and help make choosing easier for your buyers.