Vent About Your Growth Challenges

Do you need to increase your new leads and qualified opportunities but struggle to find your ideal buyer?

Have you increased your paid media spend but aren’t getting enough of a return?

Just need someone experienced to bounce some ideas off and vent a little?

Struggling with growth?

Vent to a growth specialist

Reframe your challenge

Book a time with a specialist Growth Strategist

and start reframing your challenge.

Come with a challenge, leave with a solution

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Dedicated 1:1 with a SaaS Growth Strategist

Stuck on a growth problem you just can’t crack?
Tried a bunch of things that didn’t work?
Not sure what to try next?

Get 30 minutes with one of our Growth Specialists and leave with actionable insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I speak with?

You’ll get dedicated 1 on 1 time with one of our B2B SaaS Growth Specialists.


We have worked in tech our entire careers, across software engineering, infrastructure architecture, sales, marketing, and go to market.


We’ve worked for product companies, vendors, and in the channel.


We’ve grown startups and scaled enterprise businesses.

Can I really just vent??



We get it. This stuff can be hard.


That’s why we’re here.


We’ve been where you are. We’ve been inside tech companies and seen the day to day challenges.

How long will I get?

We set aside a minimum of 30 minutes for each call, but if you need more time let’s keep talking.

How much does this cost?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.


Absolutely free and without any obligations.

Who is Deepstar Strategic

We help B2B tech and SaaS leaders adopt Buyer Led Growth to overcome growth challenges while minimising wasted spend.

From helping early stage startups through to scaling enterprises, we’ve worked on the inside as employees and as external consultants.

We combine years of tech industry experience with first party buyer insights to ensure your Go To Market strategy and execution are aligned with your buyers and business goals.

We leverage in-house experience

Red Hat

To reframe growth at top tech companies